I’d Like More, Please!

A master of metafictional writing reminiscent of the French nouveau roman writers of the Fifties and in particular Marguerite Duras, Amanda Michalopoulou invites us to view the world of one story presented through a prismatic lens of its characters in I’d Like, a collection of thirteen gritty and poignant short stories.

I’d like…to know why there isn’t more of Greece’s Amanda Michalopoulou’s work translated into English. Having just finished her collection of thirteen short stories, I’d Like, I am left with an unsated craving. The kind of craving that has a hope of being satisfied in the near future, but until then, I must content with “A Slight, Controlled Unease”. This is the title of Michalopoulou’s second short story in this collection which focuses on a writer struggling with herself to write a short story:

“The sun disappearing behind the clouds, the outdoor space heaters, the first drops of rain falling on the awning—they all heighten the impression that everything is happening both inside and out. In my heart and in the street. Why else would it start to rain just when I can no longer hold everything in? These parallels make me feel a slight, controlled unease.”

If this piques your interest, read the rest of the review this Tuesday, August 19th on the amazing University of Rochester blog,
Three Percent.
One more thing, if you aren’t aware of Dalkey Archive, be sure to check them out. They consistently publish outstanding translations and I am a huge fan. Huge.

I’d Like
By Amanda Michalopoulou
Translated by Karen Emmerich
Dalkey Archive
ISBN: 978-1-56478-493-3

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