Shameless Plug of Mirrors

I am not against the singing my own praises, but this isn’t totally self-serving.  Eduardo Galeano’s new work, Mirrors, is an amazing book that I am totally loving right now.  Filled with creative lore and myth, this is the best that Galeano has put out.  This is the post that originally appeared on the Skylight Books blog(big huge thanks to Justin for this):

This June, Nation Books will publish the new Eduardo Galeano book, “Mirrors: Stories of Almost Everyone”, which you can pre-order from Skylight Books  here. Our own Monica Carter wrote a blurb for the advanced reader copy of the book currently making the rounds among eager young booksellers who will no doubt be singing its praises to you this summer.

In case you can’t read the text due to my poor scanning skills, here’s the cheat sheet:

“Galeano lifts us up on the shoulders of his work so we look back at what lies behind us, at what we have forgotten. He illuminates the mythical and the poetic, the carnal and the sensual, the heroic and the tragic with a sense of honesty, morality, horror and compassion”

– Monica Carter, Skylight Books

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