Quick Hits for Oct. 5: Honoring Eileen Chang and Vargas Llosa at Princeton

Quick Hits for Oct. 5

Someone hit you with the click stick!

Chinas Chang
:  I don’t know much about Eileen Chang, but after reading this article in the New York Times Arts section, I surely want to know more.  Her story itself sounds as fascinating as her fiction.  But if you’re looking for recent Chinese novelists to explore, Chang seems like a good bet.


Curse You, Ivy League!:  The kids at Princeton (as if privilege weren’t enough…okay, I am a little jealous) are going to have the benefit of famed Peruvian novelist, Mario Vargas Llosa, as teacher, mentor, guide, etc. for a semester.  I can’t express how lucky a young writer is to be able to listen to the likes of Vargas Llosa on literature and writing.  Even in the article there is a golden nugget:

“The first draft is always very difficult — a kind of fight againstdemoralization,” he said. “I feel I’ll never get over the difficulties.What I like most is rewriting. To correct, to suppress, to add, torebuild the story — this process is the most exciting for me.”

As a writer struggling with the first draft, it is nice to know that someone like Vargas Llosa faces the same battle to this day. 

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