Quick Hits for Nov. 8: Pakistan, Romania, and Taiwan

Quick HIts for Nov. 8

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Pakistani Points:
Nazish Zafar has an interesting post over at the blog for the The Express Tribune.  She addresses the issue of Urdu fiction and it’s lack of fair representation in the English speaking world.  Zafar brings up salient points that non-native readers wouldn’t necessarily know or have the ability to know with the limited coverage some native languages especially Urdu.

A Poet Passing: Romanian poet, Adrian Paunescu, who wrote poems praising the Nicole Ceausescu dictatorship, has died.  He later admitted that those poems, written when he first began poetry, was a mistake.  Despite his early pro-Ceausescu poetry, he was the most famous poet in Romania and loved for his poetry that covered love, death and football(what else is there?).

Taiwan Salutes Aboriginal Awards: Check out the article in the Taipei Times about the Aboriginal Literary Awards which is resuming after years of latency.

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