Quick Hits for Nov. 10: It’s a Houellebecqian World; Set Them Free

Quick Hits for Nov. 10


Houelle, Houelle, Houelle:
  Finally, Michel Houellebecq has earned the prestigious Prix Goncourt for his fifth novel, La Carte et le territoire(The Map and the terrirtor).  Regarded as equal turns brilliant and something akin to the Howard Stern of the French literary world, Houellebecq finally captured the judges with his scathing portrait of the art world.  (The art world sure is taking a hit lately…Mchael Cunningham also skewers the art world in his latest novel,By Nightfall).  There is some great Houellebecqian crit and insight out there.  Check out a little run from ARTINFO down of the new novel here.  Also, a great interview at the Paris Review for their Art of Fiction series.  Not enough?  How about this interview from Britain focusing on The Possibility of an Island:
This guy is a trip!  Say what you will, he is interesting.  Don’t think so?  How about checking out one of his novels and form your own opinion:

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Set Them Free: It is sad that we have to have this, but I am glad that we do.  I have great appreciation for PEN in their constant efforts to raise awareness of censorship of writers all over the world.  November 15 is the day commemorating the Day of the Imprisoned Writer and you should go take a look to find out more about it.

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