Quick Hits For Jan. 7: A Bombtastic Interview and Review Redux

Quick Hits for Jan. 7, 2011

You Dropped a Bomb on Me
:  Check out the great interview with Karen Emmerich over at the BOMBLOG, who is the translator for all things Greek.  Okay, well, not all.  But a lot of the of the good stuff like Amanda Michalopoulou and one of Salonica’s Holiday Guide picks,Sleepwalker, by Margarita Karapanou.  And speaking of Salonica Holiday picks, another great interview on the webaroo is this one by Scott Esposito with Charlotte Mandell who translated of late the epic Zone.  I find these interviews fascinating whether you are a translator or not, the fact that you have someone else’s work in you hands and then have to rebirth it in another language so others will see it in its true form is pretty inspiring.

In Case You Hadn’t Heard
:  I did a review of Dimitru Tsepeneag’s latest work, Hotel Europa, over at Three Percent.  I happen to love this Romanian writer even though this work isn’t his strongest.  He gets an A for effort.  But what is intriguing is his conceit of the writer’s process of writing a novel while writing a novel.  This isn’t the first time he has played with this concept and perhaps before  it was to better effect.

Oh, and I really enjoyed #3 in Ruth Franklin’s piece over at The New Republic .  She vows to not only read more works in translation, but to review them.  As a lowly blogger in the media caste system, I applaud this resolution from someone of her stature and readership.  Let’s hold her to it!

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