The Week in Links – 10.29.11-11.4.11

Week in Links

The City and the Writer: In Dubai with Nujoom Al-Ghanim Words Without Borders focuses on the writer today in the city of Dubai.

Ruth Franklin, Irmgard Keun and Amos Oz:
Yes, Over at The New Republic, the esteemed Ruth Franklin discusses the politics of Amos Oz and Irmgard Keun.  So good.

Claire Messud and Amos Oz  in the NYT Books section this Sunday.  Can’t wait!

The Racy Madame Bovary Don’t act like you don’t know she was all vamp and tramp.  At least, according to this pulp cover!

Have you read any of these?  Lorin Stein of THE Paris Review hasn’t…
Have you lied about reading? 

Murakami! Graces the NYT Book Review section this Sunday.  Match made in literary Heaven?

Last, and certainly not least, the next time you are involved in a book conversation with Lorin Stein or anyone else you surmise might be lying about what they have read, here is a video to help you notice the telltale signs:

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