Ru by Kim Thuy – First Fiction

Review  Vietnam~Kim Thúy~Ru The story of the little girl who was swallowed up by the sea after she’d lost her footing while walking along the edge spread through the foul-smelling belly of the boat like an anesthetic or laughing gas, transforming the single bulb into a polar and the biscuits soaked in motor oil into…

Electric Buzzati

Salonica has always been a huge fan of Dino Buzzati and happy to see his work appear on any website. There’s a great  Buzzati short story up at Electric Literature, translated by Lawrence Venuti.  “The Time Machine” a classic story from the Italian master and well worth ten minutes of your time.  Originally from a…

Translators Battle in London

The London Review Bookshop begins it’s World Literature Series next week, Oct. 26.  This series, as quoted on their website, is: Taking place once a month from October 2012 onwards, the World Literature Series will explore contemporary literature from around the world, with writers and translators as our guides. All events will take place in…

Looking Ahead in 2012

2012 is upon us and I am finally settling into it. As the 2011 reading list trails off, I am already piling up what to read in 2012. Again,
it is that time of year were last year’s translated novels are being bandied about, each one being sized up as a potential long-lister for the Best Translated Book Awards. This is an arduous
process that ultimately boils down to passion and plain, good writing. With that in mind, the anticipation for what will make next year’s list is simmering with each new publisher catalog I

I can’t possibly list everyone novel that I want to read, I can only go through some of my favorite publishers’ offerings and give you a heads up on what to look out for when you’re meandering the
aisles of your local indie or loading up your online shopping carts. Let’s take a look: