Italian Fiction

Electric Buzzati

Salonica has always been a huge fan of Dino Buzzati and happy to see his work appear on any website. There’s a great  Buzzati short story up at Electric Literature, translated by Lawrence Venuti.  “The Time Machine” a classic story from the Italian master and well worth ten minutes of your time.  Originally from a…

Pietro Grossi’s The Break

Pietro Grossi~Italy

He remembered when as a child, without his aunt knowing, he would go with his dad from time to time to play a couple of games. He hadn’t been
particularly fascinated–as a friend of his had confessed years later he had been–by the sight of all those men joking among themselves, surrounded by a …

Giuseppe Conte and Angelina Jolie-Lips and Prose

Giuseppe Conte~Italy

However, in that same period there began to stir in him the first signs of love that, different from the first,
few if any would have experienced. As a boy, Umber began to isolate the characters from the pages of his books and to fantasize about them, dream of them, spend hours and hours of his day with them.
Then he just carried on with …

Writers Block #1: The Wife

Current Theme: Sex and Seduction Writing is a solitary process, we know. It requires varying degrees of isolation – physical, emotional and intellectual. Enter Alberto Moravia and his dark and erotic novel of love and betrayal, Conjugal Love. Mamma Mia, we got some trouble here. Take the protagonist, Silvio Baldeschi, for instance. A well-off Italian…