In Red by Magadalena Tulli

Magdalena Tulli~Poland

Anyone who makes it to Stitchings appreciates its promising misty grayness and the moist warm breeze in which desires flourish
so handsomely. A wide choice of furnished rooms with all the modern conveniences, and homemade meals available just around the corner, cheap and filling. Daybreaks and sunsets at fixed times. A
moderate climate, flowers throughout the year. It’s well worth making the long steamboat journey, putting up with seasickness, till the port of Stitchings comes into view crowded with freighters
flying various flags. Or for the same number of days rattling along in a train, dozing form tedium, rocking to the rhythmic clatter of the wheels. The visitor–for instance a traveling salesman with
a valise bursting at the seams, as if instead a few …

BTBA 2011 First Look-Jerzy Pilch’s A Thousand Peaceful Cities

Best Translated Book Award 2011 Jerzy Pilch~Poland Shop Indie Bookstores “The invention of stories about oneself is the duty and irresistible temptation of the true man.  The made-up story is the song of his life and death.  The story of the loser, the invented story of the loser, is the sign of the winner.” Poland’s…

Gombrowicz’s Take on Shaw

Current Theme:  Eastern Europe Youth is wasted on the young.                                             George Bernard Shaw Nothing would seem more true than Shaw’s quote according to Gombrowicz’s narrator, Witold Gombrowicz.  Pornografia,Gombrowicz’s novel that missed winning the International Prize for Literature by one vote in 1960, features the eponymous narrator of…


Theme:  Eastern Europe ** For Hardcore Bibliophiles Only!Trans-Atlantyk by Witold Gombrowicz is one of those books that I wish I could read in the original language because I know that then I would be reading the true essence of the book.  And in this case, a probable masterpiece.  But after having read this translation, I…