Quick Hits

Quick Hits for September 30, 2009

You gotta  read this… Giorgio Baruchello on arguably Italy’s greatest ever philosopher:  The Philosophy Magazine talks Giambattista Vico Gallica:  Digital library of classic french texts Four Greek Writers You Should Know:  Karen Emmerich, one half of the uber-translation couple, gives the lowdown on the best Greek writers working today

Quick Hits for September 29, 2009

Click while they’re hot! October Translations:  Three Percent gives an overview of what’s to come in International Lit for the month of October Thirty More Book Covers from Poland:  A Journey Round My Skull continues it’s cover art emphasis with a cool new post Horacio Castellanos and the New Politcal Novel:  I am a huge…

Quick Hits for September 28, 2009

This is a new feature that will highlight some of the great stuff available on the web that has to do with international art, culture, music and publishing.  Things I run into or are recommended to me and that are definitely worthy of promoting.  Subject to subjectivity, enjoy! The Truth and Brasilia,1: Land of the…