Swiss Fiction

BTBA 2011 First Look-A Jew Must Die by Jacques Chessex

Best Translated Book Award 2011

Jacques Chessex~Switzerland

An infectious mood of disapproval sweeps through this town of butchers and sausage-makers. Before the displays in butchers’ windows, the
fearful population suffers an onset of attraction and repulsion that intensifies the emotion, along with a kind of collective guilt that will long endure …

Woman on Wire

Ramuz on Swiss Franc Note “What will people be reading in the year 2000? Not much more than Barbusse, Paul Morand, Ramuz and myself…” opined the author Louis-Ferdinand Céline… Ah, I love Céline. I wish this statement were true, but it’s been a rough millenium for Swiss writers. And in particular, Swiss writer Charles Ferdinand…